We are looking to add system tags at the Account/Contact, Enrollee, and Enrollment level. This will simplify the product and reduce the need for so many custom pages/screens. This change will require additional changes to key areas that are going to take some time.
Account/contact tags:
  • Primary / Secondary / Payer
  • Active / Inactive
  • New / Returning
  • ! Card / ! Bank Account
  • ! Invoice > 60+ Days
  • Emergency contact / Approved for pickup / Account access
Enrollee tags (not Enrollment, which we currently have):
  • Active / Inactive
  • New / Returning
Enrollment tags
  • Coupon code names
With these, we can significantly reduce the number and complexity of screens.
We also need to give Admins the ability to create conditional tagging at the Account, Enrollee, and Enrollment level based on responses to form fields. For instance, a "No" response to a photo consent form needs to tag the Enrollee with a "No photos" tag, and so on for allergies or anything else the user wants to automate.
In this way, the vast majority of tagging is done behind the scenes without effort beyond initial setup, enabling incredible filtering on a single page for almost any kind of report or list.